Sunny Days 3D Ribbon Applique Tutorial

May 5, 2013
Have you seen the Sunny Days 3D Ribbon Applique listed on the site?!?! 

Well, just in case you didn't:!/~/product/category=5235472&id=23339321
Now, you know you just *have* to purchase this design, and don't forget the matching felties & clipper keeper as well!

*Remember, buyers that submit pictures of their finished items are eligible for discounts and raffles!*
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The first stitch is your placement stitch. So, go ahead and hoop your item, and get it ready to go. J Then, run your placement stitch. It is listed in different colors only so the machine will stop. It is recommended you use yellow (or whatever color you will be using for your satin stitch) for these next few steps.

Okay! Now you have ran your placement stitch! This shows you where you will put your ribbon. We have been using regular tape to hold the ribbon down for the next stitch, length of ribbon is up to your preference. Also, what sizes, colors, etc! So many different looks can be achieved with this design!

Once all of the ribbon has been taped down, you will want to cover it with a layer of WSS. This will keep your embroidery foot from snagging on the ribbon. Now that you have your WSS in place, run the second stitch. This will secure your ribbons. Be sure to leave your WSS in place, now you will add your fabric that is going to be the middle of the sun, using the circle as a guide for placement.

With the fabric in place, you will run the third stitch to tack down your fabric. J After this stitch is finished, put your hoop in the trim position, or remove the hoop from your machine and trim closely with your applique scissors! Be careful not to bump the arm of your machine or it will make your stitches misalign.


Place hoop back on machine, making sure your fabric or shirt is laid out as it should be and your arm can move freely. Now you are ready to stitch the next stitch, the satin stitch that goes around the sun! J As long as you have left your WSS in place, you will be golden! Also, a neat tip for me, WSS helps me trim my applique fabrics as it gives me something to lift up a little so I don’t cut into my items (or in this case my ribbons). Be very careful when cutting!

WOOHOO! Do you see your sun?!? Now, you can say you are done here, or continue on to the last stitches to add a face to your sun!!

Presto! You are finished! Give yourself a big pat on the back!



May 5, 2013
Welcome to KaZoodles Design Studio, where stitching is an obsession! I look forward to sharing all of my projects here with everyone! From designs I have digitized to purchased designs sewn onto my Boutique items!

Pull up a corner and get ready for a wonderful time ahead!


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